Lost Ring Tulsa,Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Received a call fom a guy named Matt on (5-1-15) at about 5:30 pm and said he needed help. He asked if I would come and help look for an engagement ring in the yard. I said ok I am at my local park metal detecting and to send me his address and I would put it into my g.p.s. And I would be there in about 25 minutes. The house was on a corner and very noisy. I walked in the front gate and asked MATT what had happened again. He said him and his buddy j.t. we’re playing with the dog. I started in the front yard went along side the right side of the house nothing !!!! I started back to the front yard and to the other side of the yard still nothing? I stopped and checked everything. I put a new battery in my pinpointer. I stopped again and asked MATT were his buddy was running. He showed me the left side of the house. I said now we are getting somewhere. It was dark by now. I continued on with my flashlight andl was about 15 ft from a tree in the back yard. Matts buddy had his flashlight in the back yard by the tree, he saw a shiny something. He said guess what!!!!!!! I said are you serious. He walked up to me and said here it is…. I asked MATT and JT how they found me and he said he goggled lost ring and metal detector. J.T. Said here this is for your trouble. I said thanks. He didn’t want his picture taken. Thanks Matt and J.T.