60 Year Old Wedding Band Recovered near the San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Angel Island and the City of San Francisco looking South from Belvedere Island.

Rosalind was attending to her late husband’s stunning terraced garden. She remembers working up top and tossing clippings down the hill before taking a break. It was a bit later after her day in the garden that she noticed her tiny gold wedding band was missing. Alarmed, she went back and traced her steps during the day’s work. No luck. But being the clever lady that she it, she found Marshall Smith on theringfinders.com who was able to come by the same afternoon.

Rosalind carefully explained to Marshall exactly where she had been working, the paths she had taken and the places where she had thrown garden clippings down from the steep hillside.

After about 20 minutes of searching with his metal detector, thanks to Rosalind’s excellent recollection of her movements, Marshall was able to locate faint “gold signal” on one of the terraces. Sure enough, under the branches of a large fern, was Rosalind’s tiny 60 year old gold wedding band!

Inverted inscription reads “Rosalind”


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  1. Excellent recovery Marshall, you made her day!

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