Lost Tiffany Diamond Ring Recovered in Mountain View, CA 94041

  • from San Francisco (California, United States)

Anna’s Tiffany diamond engagement band. lost in the bushes!

Anna was walking her dog on a leash one evening, when her dog recognized it’s best friend and bolted across the bushes. The leash slipped off Anna’s hand along with her ring!

Her fiancé had sold his car to purchase this ring. He was understanding, while Anna was panicked!

She searched into the night and again early the next morning.

Then she Googled “how to find a lost ring in the bushes”. An hour and a half later, Anna had her ring back!

Anna’s beautiful Tiffany diamond ring.


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2 Replies to “Lost Tiffany Diamond Ring Recovered in Mountain View, CA 94041”

  1. Jeff Morgan says:

    Tell us how long did this search take to locate? How far from the edge of the sidewalk was it found? Did the ring sink all the way to the earth or found testing on the bush?

    Great recovery!

  2. Marshall says:

    Thanks for asking Seattle. This small area search took about 1.5 hours because the ring ended up being very close a car parked with it’s nose protruding about 18 inches over the curb and into the bushes. I kept getting a huge iron signal all around the front of the car. Finally, with my huge 11″ coil, I was able to differentiate a small platinum signal from the car. The ring had fallen through the bushes and was about 3 inches from the dirt. I felt very lucky to find this tiny ring, so close to the car. Thanks for your interest.

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