Wedding band found in Toronto.!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Brian called me this morning about his wedding band he lost over a year ago.

He told me that he was cooking on the bbq and took his ring off as his fingers were starting to swell up from the hot weather.
He placed the ring down on the bbq side table and continued cooking.
After a while he went to move a plate and he heard his ring fall off the table and bounce off his deck.
Brian was sure the ring fell off the deck on the east side.
When he finished bbq’ing, he went down to the side of the deck and was amazed he couldn’t find his ring. He’s looked several times for his ring but it seemed to have simply disappeared.

I was able to meet with Brian this morning at his home and he showed me exactly what happened a year ago.

After turning my detector on, I was getting signals all over the place.
Nails, screws, bottle caps, pull tabs, bits of wire etc. The usual suspects.

After clearing the area beside the deck, I put the detector away and grabbed my pinpointer.
I got on my hands and knees and continued to sweep the rest of the area.
After a few minutes I got a great signal but couldn’t see what the pinpointer was alerting me to.
I pulled up a large root from a small tree beside the deck and as soon as the root came away, there was Brian’s ring.

It looked like the ring had been previously stepped on and then a root grew over top of the ring over the past year.

I went and got Brian and showed him where his ring had been sleeping outside for the last year.

We took a few pics and chatted for a few minutes and I was on my way.

Nice to meet you today Brian and I’m really happy I was able to help you out today.

Take care,

Mark Ellis