Wedding band found in Port Credit, On.!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Nick called me a few days back about his wedding band that was lost over a month ago.

Nick told me that he had shovelled the snow from his driveway and then walked up the steps of his front porch. He then pulled his gloves off to open the front door.
When he pulled off his left glove, he felt his ring come off with it and then heard a “clink” on the porch.
He immediately began to look for his wedding band and figured it had gone over the edge and into a snow covered garden full of hedges. Since the snow has since melted, Nick had looked a few more times for his ring with no luck.
He then went online to try and rent a metal detector and subsequently saw Theringfinders pop up in the returned search results.
He figured it would be better to call a professional than to try and rent and that’s when he called me.
I was able to meet with Nick this morning, Saturday March 13, 2021 at his home in Port Credit, just a little west of Toronto.
When we met at the house, Nick showed me exactly what happened over a month ago.
I grabbed all my gear from the car and began the search.
I used my metal detector to cover as much area as I could in the garden with the shrubs and then searched the front lawn in case the ring went flying off the porch but had no luck.
I put my detector away and grabbed my pinpointer ( a small handheld metal detector ) and tried around all the bases of the bushes in the garden and then all along the shrubs surrounding the porch, still nothing. I wondered if the ring hit something and jumped through a hole in the trellis surrounding the bottom of the porch. This has happened before. I grabbed my flashlight and looked through the trellis all around the porch, nope, it didn’t jump through a hole.
I grabbed my pinpointer again and began to dig with my hand around the back of a hedge right beside the porch and as I did, I put my pinpointer on the pile and got a nice signal. Sure enough, there was Nick’s wedding band.

After I searched that area the first time, I shook all the shrubs and I’m sure I must have knocked the ring out because it certainly wasn’t there the first time I looked.
I went and got Nick and showed him where his ring had been sleeping outside for the last month.

We took some photos, chatted for a bit and I was on my way.

Not long after I got home, Nick sent me a very nice testimonial. Thank you Nick
Here it is….


Thanks again for coming to my house and finding my ring.  The service
you provide is top notch.  The entire experience from reaching out on
the phone to meeting you in person and watching how you find lost
objects was amazing.  In my case, I lost my wedding ring in the front
area of my property while shovelling snow.  There was no way I would
have ever found it without hiring you and especially because you found it
in the hedges.

Highly recommended to anyone that needs a quick find if you’ve lost
something important to you.

Nick Dauphinee

Nice to meet you today Nick and I’m happy I was able to help out.

Take care,

Mark Ellis