Rose gold wedding band found.!! Toronto

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Greg called me yesterday about his lost rose gold wedding band.

He told me that on Thursday, Feb 18, he went out to the street to brush some snow off his car as he and his wife were going out for a few hours.
Greg used his gloved hands to brush off most of the snow and then pulled his gloves off.
What he didn’t know was that his ring had slipped off inside of his left glove.
He removed his gloves and started to shake the snow off his gloves and then heard a “clink” but didn’t think anything of it.
So, Greg and his wife went out for a bit and when they got home he noticed he was no longer wearing his ring. Then, the “clink” he had heard made sense now.
His ring must have flown out of his glove and hit the passenger side of the car.
This meant that his ring probably bounced off the car and onto the sidewalk.
Greg told me that most people that live on the street shovel the snow in front of their homes from the sidewalk onto the street.
Some people however shovel it onto their front lawns if they have one.
I was able to meet Greg this morning in downtown Toronto and had him reenact exactly what had happened on Thursday.
After getting the full story with the actions I started with all the snow shovelled snow onto the front lawns. Nothing. He moved his car from the spot in the street and I searched everything that was underneath it. Still nothing.
I moved my car and searched under it and still heard nothing but crickets.
Finally, the car parked in front of me left and I started to search under where it was.
30 seconds later, I got the signal we were waiting for.

Sure enough, there was Greg’s ring in the street, three feet from the curb in a pile of slush.

After recovering the ring, Greg and I chatted for a few minutes, took a few pics and I had to leave to go to another search.

Really happy I could help out today Greg. It’s was a pleasure to meet you and I’m glad your ring is back where it belongs.

Take care,

Mark Ellis