Lost Gold Wedding Band Found.!! Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday, I had a call from Julianne about her husband’s lost gold wedding band.


She told me that they were playing at a local park with their daughter yesterday and as they were leaving the park, Julianne’s husband noticed he was missing his wedding band.

They immediately began looking in the areas where they had been playing and were unable to find the ring. Julianne’s husband then left to go and purchase a metal detector and returned to the park where they tried for several more hours to locate the ring with no luck.

After hearing the story yesterday from Julianne, I told her I could meet her there this morning.

I met Julianne this morning and she gave me the details of where the ring could be lost.

I said I would start in a specific area she pointed out while she was so sweet to go and grab us a coffee down the street from the park.

About five minutes after she left for coffee, I got an iffy signal in my headphones that didn’t really sound that great but I reached for the pinpointer anyway. Glad I did..!!
After pinpointing the target and moving some weeds and clover out of the way, there was the wedding band sitting at a slight angle.


I put the ring in my pocket and walked back to my car and waited for Julianne to return.


When she came back and handed me my coffee, I thanked her and told her I’d pay for it.

I took the ring and a bunch of change out of my pocket and showed her my hand. She said don’t worry about paying, and I guess she didn’t notice the ring right away. I held out my hand again towards her and then she spotted the ring laying with the change.

The look on her face was priceless.

She then teared up a little and gave me a huge hug.

What a great job we have..!!!

After chatting for a few minutes and grabbing some photos, I was on my way.

Very nice to meet you today Julianne.!!

Happy I was was able to help out and thanks again for the coffee.!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

3 Replies to “Lost Gold Wedding Band Found.!! Toronto.”

  1. Nice story Mark and great find.

    1. Mark Ellis says:

      Thanks Larry

      Really sweet lady. Just happy I was able to help her out.
      That ring means the world to her.

      What a great job we all have.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Mark on the recovery…Wonder why it didn’t give you a good signal? was it on it’s side?

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