Lost Engagement Ring Found.!! Toronto

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call early this afternoon from Dinie about her lost engagement ring.

Dinie and her family are from Brooklyn, NY and are in Toronto visiting with some relatives.

So, last Wednesday, the family is sitting on the back deck of the relative’s home and Dinie was sitting in a deck chair and removed her wedding rings and placed them on her lap. She then went to put them back on her finger moments later and was now missing her engagement ring. She had no idea what could have happened to it.


They all searched in the cracks of the deck, the ground below the deck and and all around the deck but still could not locate her ring.

They then raked all the grass around the deck hoping to reveal the ring and still nothing.

I was able to meet Dinie today at her relative’s home in Toronto and got a few more details.

After searching for around five minutes with no luck, I went up onto the deck and had her recreate exactly what had happened.

I went back down into the yard and started to expand my search around the deck and got a great signal pretty far away from the deck and thought it would be impossible for the ring to be this far from the deck merely by having it slip off her lap.

Anyway, I pinpointed the area and moved some grass aside and sure enough it was Dinie’s beautiful engagement ring.



The only thing that makes sense is, is that the ring must have be raked further away from the deck last week while they were searching.

Glad I was able to help out today and you can return home with your ring.

Great to meet you today .!!
Have a safe trip home.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Mark! Expanding the search area is always a good idea because rings sometime show up in the most unusual places!

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