Gold & Diamond Wedding Band Found. Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday I had a call from Goran about his lost wedding band.


Goran told me that he had been moving some sod and dirt around at a construction site and when he returned home he noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding band.

In a panic, Goran returned to the site and looked for hours for his ring with no luck.

On top of feeling this loss, Goran’s wife was out of the country and he wrestled with the thought of telling her while she was away as he didn’t want to upset her.

After two days of not being able to find the ring, he finally called his wife and told her the bad news.

She was apparently very upset and they both felt helpless.

Goran then got online and found me almost right away.

I was able to meet Goran at the construction site today and got a few more details about what he was doing around the site.

I then grabbed my gear and started eliminating the large dirt piles one at a time.

After I had a pouch full of old nails and junk targets I moved on to the last dirt pile and sure enough, after about two minutes, I finally got a great signal in my headphones.

After pinpointing the area, I scraped away a few inches of loose dirt and Goran’s beautiful wedding band came into view.


I called Goran over and showed him where his ring was hiding for the last few days.


I could see a wave of relief come over him and he was very excited to see his ring again.

He then told me his wife would be home tonight from the airport and he couldn’t wait to surprise her with the ring.

After a few photos I was on my way.

Thank you so much Goran for the nice reward.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

3 Replies to “Gold & Diamond Wedding Band Found. Toronto.”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice ring and nice save Mark! Way to go on a great recovery!

  2. Mark, too bad he didn’t call you first. He could have prevented lost search time and heartache with the thought of having to tell his wife. Sure would like to know how his wife reacted to the find.

  3. jason bontrager says:

    Nice recovery! Construction sites and piles of dirt I believe are the most difficult. Glad it wasn’t buried at the bottom.

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