Gold Diamond Ring Found..!! Jacksons Point, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from Steve yesterday about his lost gold and diamond ring.


Steve told me the ring was his father’s pinky ring and Steve now wears it as his father passed away five years ago.

Last Saturday, Steve and a group of people spent the day
at a Salvation Army church gathering in Jacksons Point, Ontario, and during the day Steve was playing some catch on the large front lawn with some other people.

While catching the baseball, Steve told me he remembers taking his ball glove off quite a few times, and would occasionally throw the ball with the hand his ring was on.

Well, when they got back inside, Steve noticed his ring was missing and immediately went back out to the large lawn and began looking for it with some other people and couldn’t find it.

Steve returned twice more to try and find his ring and still couldn’t see it in the longer grass.
He told me today it’s was very difficult to have to leave the area knowing he was leaving his father’s ring behind.

After getting online when he got home, Steve found me on theringfinders and I was able to meet him at the church this morning.

As soon as we arrived we could see that the grass had been freshly cut. This didn’t worry me though, as I’ve only ever seen one ring that had been clipped by a mower. Plus, being a larger, heavier man’s ring, it’s going to lay pretty flat against the soil.

Anyway, as the yard was so large I knew we were going to have to run grid lines but I tried to get lucky for ten minutes or so without the lines but had no luck.

I got my lines and Steve helped me run them and we started to grid off the lawn.

We got a few junk targets as we went and then after about 45 minutes, I got a great signal in my headphones and couldn’t wait to pinpoint it as it sounded so promising.

As soon as the probe hit the target, I felt the target move and then caught a slight glint of gold. Parting the grass I could finally see Steve’s ring. What a relief.
I know this ring holds huge sentimental value to him.





I called Steve over and showed him where the ring had been hiding.

Obviously he was extremely happy the ring was recovered, and I was very happy for him.

I took a few photos and was on my way.

Thank you so much Steve for the nice reward.
It really helps keep my service going and let’s me do what I love to do.

I truly love my job.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Mark on a great recovery! The first picture shows you how hard it is to spot a ring that size in the grass…They sure hide quickly but not from Mark Ellis…
    Happy Hunting, Chris

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