Platinum Wedding Band Found.!! Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday afternoon I had a call from Jack and Jenny about Jack’s lost platinum wedding band.

Jack and Jenny were walking home on a snowy sidewalk in Toronto when they suddenly got splashed with slush from a passing car.

Jack started wiping the slush off Jenny’s jacket and felt his wedding band fly off of his finger and into the snow.

This young couple then searched for FIVE hours in the cold for Jack’s ring.

After giving up hope, Jack found me online and I was able to meet them last night
around 7:00pm.

They recreated exactly what had happened which gave me a good idea where to start the search.

As soon as I turned my detector on, I was getting heavy signals from a concrete retaining wall beside the sidewalk, obviously full of rebar. This had me a bit nervous for a minute. I detected all the areas where they indicated away from the retaining wall and eliminated these areas.

I was starting to prepare to move all the snow away from the wall so I could detect it properly but first decided to search further away from the wall just in case Jack’s ring flew further than anticipated .

Sure enough, I got a great signal right away and pinpointed the area.

After brushing aside a bit of snow, there was Jack’s platinum band.

Jack and Jenny were very excited to see the ring again after almost giving up hope.

Happy I could help out and it’s was great to meet you both.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

3 Replies to “Platinum Wedding Band Found.!! Toronto.”

  1. Fitzy says:

    Wow nice one….had me nervous with the rebar. Glad you persisted!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Great search & recovery Mark…It’s been a busy winter for you with all that snow!
    Best, Chris Turner

  3. Good work Mark. Rebar can be such a problem. Glad it did not prevent your search this time.

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