Lost Gold Wedding Band Found...Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Last night I took a call from Steve about his lost wedding band.

Steve was visiting a friend’s house in Toronto and later in the afternoon took his children across the street to a playground in a park so they could play for a while.

At one point, Steve shook some snow off his hands and felt his ring fly off.

They looked all over for the ring with no luck and then went and got a rake to rake through the snow hoping to uncover the ring. Nothing.

I was able to me Steve early this morning at the playground and got a few more details.

After setting up my gear I began scanning the area that Steve had thought his ring must have flown off to.

I didn’t get a single signal.

I then moved back to where he had been standing when he shook his hands off and started scanning that small area.
Right away I got a great signal in my headphones and knew it was his ring.

After chipping away a little bit of snow, there was Steve’s ring staring back about an inch or so deep.

The ring had obviously been stepped on while they were searching for it, burying it out of view.

This was a really quick search. My coffee was still hot when I got back in the car.

Great to meet you today Steve.

Happy I was able to help out.

Take care,

Mark Ellis