Lost Engagement Ring Found..! Markham, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Last night I took a call from Bernadette and Nathan about Bernadette’s lost engagement ring.

It’s seems they were in a conservation area yesterday in Markham,Ontario doing a winter photo shoot for their upcoming wedding in August.

Nathan’s brother was taking the pictures of the young couple in the snow and at one point suggested they throw snowballs at each other for some action shots.

After this series of photos were taken, the couple walked to another location for more pics.
Bernadette realized a bit later on that her engagement had fallen off somewhere, possibly where the snowball fight took place.
They returned to the area and searched for the missing ring with no luck and then found me online.

I was able to meet Bernadette and Nathan this morning at the conservation area where they gave me a few more details and then I grabbed all my gear.

Bernadette stayed behind with the cars as Nathan and myself walked quite a ways to the path where they had the snowball fight.

The area was actually quite large and it was freezing out, so I decided to try and get lucky by quickly searching the exact area where the last pics were taken of the snowball fight before having to take the time to run proper grid lines.

After making a pass of about 40 feet with no signals, I doubled back and did another pass in the same area then suddenly got a great signal in my headphones.

After pinpointing the area and digging down around six inches into the snow,…bingo..!!..there was Bernadette’s beautiful engagement ring.

The whole search took less than five minutes.

Nathan and I then hiked back to the cars to tell Bernadette the good news.

She was very surprised and excited to see her ring again and all of us were very happy it had been recovered.

Thank you both so much for the generous reward. .!!!

Great to meet you both today and I wish you all the best on your upcoming wedding.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. Beautiful ring! great work finding it in the snow.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Hey Mark, thought you were doing a video on this search…? Great recovery! Love to see more videos…Best, Chris

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