Lost Cell Phone Found...Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from Michael on Friday about his lost cell phone.
He really wasn’t concerned with the phone itself, but the important documents on it.

Michael told me he slipped in the parking lot leaving his work after a snowstorm and when he got home he realized his cell phone was missing.

The next day at work, he saw that the parking lot had been plowed into already huge piles of snow.

He figured if anything, his phone would be in a particular mound near his office door.

I was able to meet Michael on Saturday morning at his office and got a few more details.

I grabbed my gear and stated scanning the edge of the parking lot before hitting the huge mound of snow.
Nothing on the edge.

We moved over to the snow mound and right away I got a great signal fairly deep down.
Michael started to dig into the hard snow to get to the signal and as he was chipping away I decided to keep scanning around the mound in case the signal he was digging was not his phone.

After about 30 seconds of scanning around the base of the pile I got another great signal near the surface.
I just moved off a little bit of snow and there was Michael’s phone.
I called him over and he was a pretty happy guy to see his phone again.

He called me an hour or so later from home and told me that after charging his phone it worked perfectly and he had all his sensitive documents back safely.

Glad I could help Michael.

Thank you for the nice reward..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis