Keys Found in Ajax, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

My good friend and old neighbour Steve called me today about his lost keys.

During yet another storm here a few days ago, Steve was using his snowblower on the driveway when he heard something make a crunching noise from his snowblower.

Sure enough, Steve had dropped his keys on the driveway and hit them with the snowblower.

He saw the keys shoot out and scatter onto the street.

Steve and his neighbour found the fob and most of the keys on the street but two keys were missing, his house key and community mail box key.

Wisely, Steve and his neighbour shovelled all the snow off that area of the street onto his front lawn.

I was able to make it over to Steve’s today and he showed me where they shovelled all the street snow onto the lawn.

I set up my gear and after about one minute, I got a great signal. After pinpointing the area and digging down a few inches, the mailbox key came into view.

This is what Steve was concerned about, a replacement for a mailbox key is between $80-$100.

I started scanning again and ten seconds later got another nice signal. Sure enough, the house key.

Good call on putting all that snow on your lawn Steve-o..!!

Glad I could help and thanks for the nice reward.
Nothing beats a case of beer.!!

Take care ,


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Mark! Keys put a smile on one’s face!!!

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