Gold Ring Found..!! Markham, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday afternoon I had a call from Ramesh about his lost gold ring.

He felt his ring fly off of his finger as he was shaking some snow off his hands at a relative’s house a few days ago.

I was able to make it to meet Ramesh today at his relative’s home in Markham, Ontario.

He told me he was at his cousin’s home a few days ago and helped lift a clothes dryer out of a trailer on the driveway. After getting the dryer into the house, Ramesh went back outside and noticed he had some grease on his hands.

So, Ramesh plunged his hands into a snowbank a few times, rubbed the grease off and shook his hands off.

This is when he felt the ring fly off.
After looking everywhere in the snow for the ring, Ramesh and his family gave up and then found me online.

I set up my gear and began searching the most logical area based on Ramesh’s reenactment of what happened.

I was getting absolutely no signals and started to expand my search in all directions while Ramesh got a shovel and began to break down the huge snowbank in case the ring was out of my detector’s range.

It had rained here heavily a few days ago, and I knew it would sink his ring deeper down into the snow.

After shovelling quite a bit of the snowbank onto the driveway, I scanned this snow and got a heavy hit right away.

After pinpointing the area, I could see a glint of gold peeking out of chunk of ice.

I slowly broke his ring out of the ice and Ramesh was extremely happy to see his ring again.

His wife had his ring custom made for him 34 years ago with his Scorpio birth sign which he wore as a weeding band.

I know how much the ring means to him and glad I was able to help out.

Thank you Ramesh for the nice reward.!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice recovery Mark! This has been a very busy winter for you!!! Happy Hunting, Chris

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