Gold Earring Found. Scarborough, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call last night from Eileen about her lost gold earring.

Eileen told me that she thinks she may have lost one of her gold hoop earrings yesterday morning while she was shovelling snow off of her driveway.

She said that she kept brushing her hair back behind her ears while shovelling and thinks the earring may have dropped onto the driveway and she shovelled it unknowingly onto the front lawn.

I was able to make it to Eileen’s home this afternoon and after getting a few more details I grabbed my gear and started scanning the most logical spots she had pointed out.

Just after two minutes or so I got the signal I had been waiting for.
After pinpointing the area, Eileen’s earring came into view after I brushed some snow aside.

I went and got Eileen to show her where her earring had been hiding since yesterday.

She was very happy to have her earring back as they were given to her as a gift recently from her husband.

Glad I was able to help out today Eileen.

Thank you for the nice reward.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

2 Replies to “Gold Earring Found. Scarborough, Ontario”

  1. jason bontrager says:

    Nice recovery!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    That’s one big gold earring she must’ve been very happy to get that back! Way to go Mark… Happy Hunting!

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