White Gold Wedding Band Found. Toronto

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday I had a call from Pedro about his lost wedding band.

Pedro told me that on Tuesday evening he was using his bare hands to remove the snow buildup inside the wheel wells of his SUV on his driveway and would throw the removed snow aside and then shake his hands off.

After he cleaned out one of the wheel wells, he shook his hands off and felt his white gold wedding band go flying off his finger.

After trying to locate the ring by eye with no luck, Pedro rented a metal detector and had no luck with it either.

When he called me he said he didn’t even think the detector was working.

Well, I met Pedro at his house today, and he was right, the rental unit was not working and it was all beat up.

Again, this is why renting is not the best idea.

Anyway, I grabbed my gear and began scanning the most logical place where I thought his ring may have come off near the driveway, and almost right away got a nice solid signal in the snow right beside the driveway.

After pinpointing the area, I dug down an inch or so and saw Pedro’s wedding band looking back at me.

The whole search took less than a minute.

Pedro was very happy to see his ring again, especially since he has only been married since August.

Glad I could help today Pedro, and thank you for the kind reward.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Equipment used was my “Workhorse”
Tesoro Cibola and a VibraProbe 580.
Fuelled by Tim Hortons coffee.

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  1. Jason bontrager says:

    Another great recovery. I bet you wish all your searches were that easy. Everyone wants to know what metal detector you use… HH jason

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