Wedding Ring Found.!! Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call a couple of days ago from Pawan about her lost wedding ring.

Pawan told me that she lives in a hi rise condominium in Toronto, and that on Tuesday night, her two year old daughter got ahold of her wedding ring and tossed it off of their 17th floor balcony.

Immediately after this, Pawan’s husband Jay went downstairs with a flashlight and searched all over the area below their balcony for quite a while but had no luck recovering the ring.

The following day, Pawan spent quite a while herself outside trying to locate her lost ring, again with no luck.

I was able to make it to their condominium this afternoon to meet with Jay as Pawan had to work today.

Jay showed me all around the areas under the balcony and the possible places the ring could be hiding.

I started a basic grid search working from closest to the building outwards.
Lots of little shrubs and bushes around the building made things a bit of a challenge though.

I then eliminated a grassy area further away from the building and still nothing.

The thing I feared was if the ring was tossed off the balcony hard enough from that high up, it could have possibly made it over a small fence and landed on the entrance ramp leading into the underground parking of the building.

The last place I could check was a small row of bushes along the fence before the entrance ramp.

I began scanning over top of the small bushes and suddenly got a faint response in my headphones. I grabbed my pinpointer and started poking around the base of one of the small bushes. I felt the pinpointer vibrate, and as I looked through the bush, I could see that I pushed the target out from under it…..
Yes..!!! It was Pawan’s beautiful ring.

I left it where it was and went and got Jay to come over and see where the ring was found.

Jay was happy to see the ring again and then called Pawan to tell her the good news.


After taking a few pictures I was on my way.

Really happy I was able to help out.

Great to meet you Jay and I hope Pawan enjoys her ring for years to come.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. Beautiful ring and great work finding it.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes, amazing ring! Way to go Mark…Best, Chris

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