Lost Wedding Band Found.! Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

A few days ago I had a call from Keri about her husband’s lost wedding band.

Keri’s husband Terry was doing some end of the season gardening on their front lawn and had also planted a few blueberry bushes.

After finishing all the gardening for the year, Terry had taken some yard waste to the backyard and dumped it.

After returning into the house, Terry noticed his yellow gold wedding band was missing.

Over the last few months of trying to find the ring, Keri found me online and called me.

I was able to make it down to their home in Toronto this morning, Saturday December 7,2013 and met with Keri and Terry.

After getting a few more details, I began to search the front lawn where the blueberry bushes were planted and wood chips had been spread around by hand.

After digging a few pieces of trash and no ring, we headed to the backyard and checked the pile of yard waste.
Again no luck.

I decided to try again at the front but to work a different search pattern.

Almost right away I got a strong hit in my headphones and thought this could definitely be the ring.

After digging down around five inches and pinpointing the target, I slipped my hand into the dirt and Terry’s ring slipped over the tip of my finger.

I left it exactly where it was so I could get Terry and show him where his ring had been hiding for the last few months.


After pulling his wedding band out of the dirt, I took a few photos and was on my way.


Great to meet you both today and I’m happy I was able to help out.

Enjoy the holidays..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. jason bontrager says:

    Another great Find my friend!!!! Good to see that i’m not the only one that has to re-search an area twice… That’s that never give up spirit we all need. Way to go.

  2. Good job Mark… perhaps just a different angle in order to find the ring? Perserverance pays off.

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