White Gold Wedding Band Found.!! Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Friday November 15, 2013, I had a call from Patrick about his lost white gold wedding band.


Patrick told me he thinks he may have lost his ring while in a local park the previous night as he was training his dog Lilly.

On a few occasions, Patrick removed his glove to reach into his pant pocket for dog treats and figured the ring may have slipped off his finger at one of these points around the park.

I was able to meet Patrick early this morning at his home in Toronto and from there, I gathered my gear and we took the short walk along the route leading into the large park.

Once in the park, Patrick helped me run my grid lines in a potential “hot zone” on the park’s west side where I grid searched for approximately four hours with no luck.

He then told me there is a chance the ring may have come off in a large eastern section of the park, or, a really slim chance it came of as he retrieved his keys as he approached the front door of his home and the ring fell underneath the front porch.

We decided to return to his home and do a quick check under the porch and if it was there, it would have saved us hours if we needed to grid search the east side of the park.

Well, the ring was not under the front porch so we walked back to the park but over to the large area on the east side.

As I was walking with all my gear and as Patrick followed a little bit behind me and off to the side, I kept eyeballing the area and trying to figure out where the best place was to start running the grid lines again.

Just as I looked down again, I saw a great site. The edge of a round ring pushed flush with the soil. This was definitely a ring that had been stepped on.
I called Patrick over and had him take a look at what I was seeing.


I put my gear down and removed the ring from the soil. Yes..!!! It was Patrick’s.
I handed him the ring and his reaction was great. ..!!! Disbelief to say the least.
I was a bit blown away myself.
Just in the right place at the right time I suppose. We got lucky on this one.


Great to meet you today Patrick and I’m very happy I was able to help out.

Thank you so much for the generous reward. It really helps keep my service going and allows me to keep doing what I love to do.

Thanks again..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis