Wedding Band Found.!! Brampton, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday I received an email from Nancie about her husband Andy’s lost wedding band.


After exchanging a few emails, we agreed I’d head to their home today in Brampton to search for the lost ring.

Nancie told me that Andy had been wearing his wedding band in the backyard cleaning up leaves and playing with their children about eleven days ago.
As they played in the leaves, Nancie took a number of photos and after they all went into the house later on, Andy was now missing his ring.

After looking at the photos she had taken, Andy had been wearing his ring in all of them. Now the ring was missing, and they knew it had to be out in the backyard.

I made it to their home today around 1:30pm and met with Andy.
Andy came outside and gave me a few more details and then went back inside to take care of their children.

I started searching several piles of leaves around the yard hoping it was in one of the piles, and if not, I’d have to grid search the entire yard.

After eliminating all the piles, I returned to the first one and moved some of the deeper leaves around and scanned again. Right away I got a nice, loud signal in my headphones. I knew it was the ring right away. After pinpointing the area, Andy’s white gold wedding band came into view.


I left it where it had been sleeping under the stars for the last couple of weeks and went to go get Andy.

Andy followed me back out to the spot and I showed him where his ring had been hiding.
He was very relieved to see his ring again. I know it means a lot to him.


After getting a few photos I was on my way.

Thank you Andy and Nancie for the nice reward..!!

It really helps to keep me doing what I love to do.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. You made yet another good find. Keep up the good work (I would like to see your videos in the future). I also think it is good for all to comment on the type of detectors (so that others know what type of detectors are being used/successful).

  2. Jason bontrager says:

    Looks like another great recovery. Keep them coming.

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