Gold Wedding Band Found.!! Markham, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Friday August 30, 2013, I had a call from Nick about a lost wedding band.

Nick was wearing a gold necklace, and on it were three, very special pieces of jewelry.


The story is, is that Nick’s wife Pina passed away two years ago and he wears her diamond wedding ring and gold wedding band on the necklace along with a gold cross as reminders.

When their children are a bit older, the plan was to give Nick’s two daughters one of their mother’s rings each.

So at work last Friday, Nick is digging a ten foot deep pit into the basement a building at a construction project.

As he dug, he’d fill up buckets full of dirt and pass them up over his head to a co-worker at the edge of the pit who would take them out of the building and dump the full buckets in a huge metal dumpster in the parking lot.
Near the end of the day, the co-worker asked if Nick had lost a necklace as he found one in the dumpster.

Nick checked his neck, and everything was gone.
In a panic, they checked in the dumpster and found the diamond ring and cross, but no wedding band.

I was then contacted and met Nick at the site Saturday morning.

I got into the dumpster knowing I could only check the dirt in the middle as there is no way to get a metal detector close to the sides of the dumpster.


After searching all the dirt at the middle, I had Nick shovel all the dirt away from the sides and throw it to the middle.
After not finding the ring, I said I think we need to check the pit before we’re forced to empty out the dumpster into the parking lot to properly check the dirt that way. Problem was, the pit area was locked for safety until a supervisor unlocked it on Tuesday September 3,2013.

I made it up to the site again Tuesday at 4:30pm and met the supervisor. Nick was unfortunately on a different job site that day.

I was taken to this small,dug out pit about four feet long and three feet wide.
It looked like a small, dark elevator shaft and the bottom had a foot of filthy water in it. A long ladder was lowered down so I could climb into the pit with my gear and then removed once I got down there.

After getting my gear set, I got an iffy signal right away in the foot deep water and located the target with my pinpointer. A long screw.
Then another and another.
Then, finally a great, rounded tone.
Sure enough, after pinpointing the target, I stuck my hand in the water and the wedding band literally slipped right onto the tip of my finger. Bingo.!


The ladder came back down, I went up, and texted Nick a photo right away.
He was very, very happy the ring had been found.

Today, Wednesday September 4,2013, I met Nick back at the construction site to return Pina’s wedding band to him.


He was very grateful, and left me with a nice reward.

Thank you Nick.

Happy I was able to help out, but I think we may of had a little help from above as well.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Great recovery on an obviously difficult and unpleasant search area!

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