Platinum & Gold Wedding Band Found.!! Mississauga, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call yesterday afternoon from Bob about his lost platinum and gold wedding band.

It seems that he had lost it somewhere in his backyard while playing baseball with his nephews on the weekend.
Bob remembers his hands being a bit sweaty and he had pulled off his glove a few times during the game. He thinks this must be when his ring slipped off his finger.

After looking for the rest of the weekend, and on Monday for it with no luck, Bob found me online and we arranged to meet.


I was able to make it to Bob’s home today, Tuesday August 13th out in Mississauga, Ontario.

After meeting Bob at his beautiful home and getting a few more details, I started to run my grid lines in the large backyard and then grabbed my gear as Bob went back into the house to make a few phone calls.

After about five minutes, without a single signal, I finally got a decent one which turned out to be a Heineken beer cap.

A few minutes later, that beautiful, even, rounded tone in the headphones told me that without a doubt, this is the ring. I took out my pin-pointer and located the target. After spreading the grass a bit, there was Bob’s platinum and gold wedding band staring back.


I left it exactly where it was laying and went to get Bob.
He followed me out to the backyard and I pointed out his ring to him.
He still could not see it staring right at it.
Rings just hide so well in the grass.


I handed Bob back his ring and then got a few photos before packing up my gear.

Great to meet you today Bob and thank you very much for the generous reward.

Take care,

Mark Ellis