Diamond Engagement Ring Found. Toronto

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

This afternoon, Sunday August 18, 2013, I had a call from Brie about her lost engagement ring.


Brie told me that she was in her backyard pool playing volleyball on Saturday and went to “volley” the ball over the net.

When she did, she felt both her wedding rings fly off her finger.

Brie, her family and friends at the pool party began searching for the rings.
Luckily they found the wedding band at the bottom of the pool, but they simply could not locate the engagement ring.

I made it down to Brie’s home in downtown Toronto tonight for 6:30pm and got the rest of the story.

After mentally trying to recreate what had happened on Saturday, I had a feeling that the heavier engagement ring flew over a wooden fence right beside the pool and into the neighbours yard.


I began scanning beside the fence on Brie’s side which was really tough because of of all the nails in the fence and some other metal obstructions.

After not finding the ring with my detector, I was forced to use my pinpointer along the fence line and also into the the bushes and shrubs right along the fence as well for the shrub growing above the fence.

After thinking more and more about the distance her ring could travel, I was now convinced it was in the neighbours yard.

We ended up walking around to the neighbours, and immediately were granted permission to search in their yard.

Sure enough, five minutes into the search on the neighbour’s side of the fence, I got a great signal over a bush with my detector.
I grabbed my pinpointer and and began probing around the base of the bush and the ring was located laying right at the roots of it.

After retrieving Brie’s gorgeous platinum and diamond engagement ring, I walked back around to her house and entered the backyard.

I played a little trick on Brie first before I told her the ring was found and her reaction was awesome.

She was obviously very relived and happy to have her ring back, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

I really am a truly lucky guy to have a job like this.!!

I had a great time and a nice chat with her family and friends as well.
Great people.

I then got a few photos and was on my way.

Thank you very much Brie for the generous reward.
It’s really appreciated and helps keep my service going.

Take care,

Mark Ellis