Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found After three Years..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I was down at the beach today doing a bit of metal detecting for myself when I was approached by a very nice couple out walking their dog.

photo 2

Mary and Cecil asked if I was able to locate a ring in their backyard.

They told me that Mary had lost a white gold and diamond ring three years ago in their yard while she was gardening.

I said I would love to help them take a look for it and as it turns out, they live only five minutes from my own home in Pickering, Ontario.

We made arrangements to meet at their home in about twenty minutes so I went back home, grabbed a different metal detector and some other gear and was on my way.

After I showed up at the house, Mary gave me the rundown of her day in the backyard three years ago and I started my search.

I started finding tons of old door hinges, nails, beer caps, metal brackets and all sorts of old iron.

Cecil told me the home’s previous owner was in the door installation business which would explain all the hardware I was finding in the yard. I ended up digging every single signal as I was afraid of the ring being masked by an old piece of iron.

Finally, after an hour of digging nothing but junk, I got a nice, soft, rounded tone in my headphones.

After digging a plug and flipping it over, Mary’s beautiful ring was staring right back at me, stuck to the bottom of the plug.


I called Cecil and Mary over so she could see her ring again for the first time in three years.


After getting a few huge hugs from Mary and a great handshake from Cecil, I took a few pictures and was on my way.

I’m so happy I was able to find the ring for them. They are a very sweet couple and I know the ring means a great deal to both of them.

Thank you both very much for the nice reward…!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

2 Replies to “Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found After three Years..!!”

  1. Brett Thom says:

    I love those garden ones after a few years lost, somehow more exciting than your typical lost at the beach this afternoon one.

    1. Mark says:

      Bret, I agree.
      Great “build up” to the recovery.
      I love these searches..!!
      Wish I had more.

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