Gold "Grill" Found..!! Vaughn, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call yesterday from David about one of his employees who had lost a gold tooth in the lawn around David’s business. The business is located in Vaughn, which is just north of Toronto.


As I was unable to make it up there yesterday, I was able to get up there today for 1:30pm.

I met the young man Patrick, who is the one that lost his tooth. Well, not a tooth exactly as Patrick told me, but a gold “grill” for his teeth.

Earlier in the day, Patrick had placed his grill in his pocket, and as he left from work last Friday, he cut across the large front lawn in front of the business.

After pulling something out of his pocket, the grill must have slipped out as well, and fell unnoticed into the grass.

After Patrick realized the grill was lost, he returned to work on Monday where several other employees helped him scour the grass for quite some time with no luck.

After getting the rest of the story from Patrick, he went back into work and I started my search.

I thought I’d give it five minutes and hoped I’d get lucky and find it before having to run my grid lines out.
After not finding it after five minutes, I ran proper grid lines and started my search again.

45 minutes into the search, I got a great signal and pinpointed the area.
After parting the grass, Patrick’s grill came into view. Very cool looking accessory..!!


The grill was pretty far away from the borders Patrick had set out for me. I knew it had to be there, just had to keep expanding the search area until we got it.


I met with Patrick in the business a few minutes later, and he was extremely happy to have his grill back.

I was really happy I was able to help him out.
Very nice guy..!!

Thank you Patrick for the generous reward and thank you David for finding me on

Take care,

Mark Ellis