Lost Gold Wedding Band Found in Toronto..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

This morning I had a call from Barry about his lost wedding band.


Barry told me that he had lost his wedding band in his backyard while doing some gardening where they were transplanting various plants and trees.

I was able to make it down to Barry’s home in Toronto early this afternoon where I met with him and his wife Jacqui.

After showing me their beautiful garden and what they had been doing, Barry tells me that the ring had been lost for over two weeks now.

I had Barry and Jacqui put me in a few of the potential hotspots and then gathered my gear and started checking these areas first. Not having any luck at any of these areas, we started eliminating all the other possible areas the ring could be hiding in.

We were about to run out of all the hotspots before Jacqui put me in one final area near the house on a long shot.

Sure enough, after a few swings of the metal detector in this area, I finally got the signal in my headphones we had been waiting for.
After pin-pointing the area and moving some leaves aside, Barry’s beautiful two-tone gold wedding band was staring back at me.


I called Barry and Jacqui over to see exactly where the ring had been hiding for the last two weeks.

They were obviously very relived and happy to see the ring again.

Really happy I could help today and would like to thank you both for the nice reward.

Take care,

Mark Ellis