Gold Wedding Band Found. Toronto, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Last night I took a call from David about his lost gold wedding band.


David had been doing some gardening and generally cleaning up his yard a few days ago and realized later on in the evening that he was missing his gold wedding band.

After searching around for it for quite a while, the ring still eluded him and that’s when David got on google and found me online.

I met David at his home this afternoon and he showed me exactly what he had been doing around the yard the day he lost his ring.
He showed me several possible places it could be, like in a yard waste bag, two gardens, the front and side yards etc.

After getting a few more details I got my gear set up and started searching as David went back into the house.

I eliminated one potential area at the side of the house and after not finding the ring around there I moved back to the front gardens and chose one that made the most sense to me from what I gathered from David.

After scanning for a minute, I moved a large potted plant out of the way and scanned around the area where it had been sitting and sure enough I got a great, rounded signal in my headphones.

After pin-pointing the area and brushing some dirt aside, David’s ring came into view.


He had obviously done some gardening in that area and ended up placing the big potted plant directly on top of his ring.


I then rang his doorbell and he asked what was happening.

I told him to come out at take a look where his ring was found.
Great reaction..!!
He couldn’t believe the ring had been found so quickly.
Maybe seven minutes tops.

After getting a few photos and a very nice reward from David, I was on my way.

Thank you David.
Great to meet you and it was a pleasure to help you find your wedding band.

I know how much it means to you.

Take care,

Mark Ellis