Lost Gold Ring Found..!! Scarborough, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call this morning from Fred about his daughter’s lost ring.


Fred told me that his family and some other families from the neighbourhood all went to a local park last night to set off fireworks for the Victoria Day weekend.

While the fireworks were going on, Fred’s eleven year old daughter Alexandra was toying with a ring on her finger when it suddenly slipped off and fell into the grass.

After looking in the grass for the little gold ring last night in the dark and again early this morning with no luck, Fred found me online and called right away.

I was able to make it to the park in Scarborough about 30 minutes later and got the rest of the story and some more details from Fred. Wisely,last night,he had placed a marker in the grass approximately where Alexandra was standing when then ring dropped.

Fred told me that Alexandra had just gotten the ring as a gift a little while ago from her mother and was devastated that she had lost it.

As we walked into the park I could see the grass was fairly long and the ring would be well hidden.

Fred led us to the marker he had planted last night and I started my search around it.

After just a few minutes into the search, I got that unmistakeable sound of a ring in my headphones and reached for my pinpointer.

After pinpointing the area and spreading the grass a little, I could see Alexandra’s ring laying on its side at the base of the grass roots.


I called Fred over and showed him where the ring was lying in the grass. It was actually very close to the marker he had planted.

Really happy I could help out today Fred and thank you for the nice reward.

I hope Alexandra was excited to see her ring again.

Take care,

Mark Ellis