Gold Anniversary Ring Found.!! Toronto

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Late last night I got a call from Yuestas about his father David’s lost gold ring.

David was wearing a large, gold Anniversary ring while working in his “City of Toronto Allotment Garden” just north of the city.

I’m not sure about other cities, but Toronto uses parcels of land that they divide into several garden plots for local residents to garden in if they don’t have their own yard.

Anyway, David was working in his garden a few days ago turning over large chunks of grass and soil trying to get his garden prepared for planting.

When he returned home later that evening, his wife noticed he wasn’t wearing his ring. He knew it must of come off his finger when taking his gloves off in the garden.
David and Yuestas returned to the garden over the last few days to try and locate the ring but came up empty.

After Yuestas called me last night, we made plans for me to meet his father David at his garden this afternoon.

I arrived around 1:45pm thinking it would be an easy search in the 30 x 30 foot garden.

Funny how every time you think a search will be easy or fast….it never is.

There was chain link fence all around the perimeter, old rusted nails, gardening equipment, old hose couplings, tinfoil and everything else under the sun in there.

After removing a ton of the junky targets, I finally removed a large rusted nail and scanned the area again.
I then got a great signal this time. The nail was masking the ring underneath it and both were about five inches deep.


After pulling up David’s ring and showing it to him, a look of total relief came over his face and he instantly gave me a hug. What a great moment.
He was very happy to see his ring again as it held a lot of sentimental value to him.


This search was tougher than I thought it would be but we got David’s ring back and that’s all that matters.

Glad I could help today and thank you David for the generous reward.

Let me know when the fresh veggies are ready……

Take care,

Mark Ellis