Lost White Gold Wedding Band Found. Stouffville, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call last night from a gentleman in Stouffville Ontario about his lost wedding band.

He told me that when he was shoveling his driveway last week from the snowstorm, his ring may have fallen off onto the driveway and thrown onto his front lawn.

I made it to his home this morning, Tuesday March 5,2013, and got a few more details of exactly what had happened then set up my gear.

I wanted to take video of the search but he politely asked me not to.

This is fine. I understand. Some people would just like to stay off the Internet completely.

Anyway, after about twenty seconds into the search on the piled up snow on the lawn, I got a great signal and new right away it was his ring.

After pinpointing the area and chipping away at the frozen snow a bit, his ring came into view.


Glad I could help out today and thank you kind sir for the nice reward on such a quick recovery.


Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. aww, you’re a kind soul Mark. But If I were him, I wouldn’t clean my front lawn in that kind of weather with my wedding ring on. I have quite a number of friends who also lost their rings during the winter season.

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