Engraved Gold Wedding Band Found.... Hamilton, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call late last night from Muniza about her husband Daryl’s lost, white gold wedding band in Hamilton Ontario.

Muniza and Daryl’s rings were a custom made and engraved set of wedding bands made overseas and given to them for their wedding a few years ago.

Their rings have huge sentimental value for this reason.


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Last night, Daryl and Muniza attended an event in Hamilton and returned afterwards to their car in a municipal parking lot that was still covered with snow.

Daryl then vigorously started brushing snow off of his pants and his ring flew off his finger.

They looked through the snow for quite a while with no luck and then found me online.

I was able to meet up with Daryl at the parking lot in Hamilton this morning, Sunday February 10,2013 where he gave me a few more details. I knew that this would be a quick search as it was a fairly small area, plus we were lucky that no vehicles were parked where he was last night.

I grabbed my gear and started in the most logical place his ring could have flown off.

A few minutes later I got a nice signal that turned out to be a penny, however, about 30 seconds after that, a great signal turned out to be Daryl’s wedding band.


I was really happy we got this one when we did.

This was a fairly high traffic area and the snow was melting quickly. This would have been an easy eyeball find for someone in the next day or so.

Really happy I could help out today Daryl and feel great that you and Muniza still have a matching set of wedding bands.

Thank you both sincerely for the extremely generous reward, it’s greatly appreciated. This really helps keep my service going and doing what I love to do.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Watch the search video here…

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  1. Mark,
    Good video… just curious, what type of camera do you use? I am looking for a good, small, versatile, waterproof camera… Someone told me Someone told me about a GoPro that comes with hardward, etc. Keep up the great stories/videos. Larry Griffith, France

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