Tungsten Wedding Band Found..!! Uxbridge, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)


I had a call last night, Saturday January 5, 2013 from Dwayne about his lost tungsten wedding band.




Dwayne and his wife Mikelle were celebrating their five month wedding anniversary by taking photos in a conservation area in Uxbridge, Ontario. They are in the process of getting photos of themselves, Mikelle in her wedding dress and Dwayne in his suit in all four of our seasons.

Yesterday, they wanted their winter photos with snow on the ground in the conservation area, and Mikelle had put her jacket down on the snow getting ready to take their photos.

When the photos had been taken, Dwayne picked up Mikelle’s snowy jacket from the ground and started to shake the jacket and brush the snow off with his hands.

He later noticed that his wedding band was missing and knew it must have come off when he was brushing off the jacket earlier. They searched for a while in the area and when they didn’t find the ring, they went out and bought a metal detector to try their luck again.

After they had a look for the ring with the detector and not being able to find Dwayne’s ring, I got the call last night.

I was able to meet them this morning at the conservation area around 9:30am, and we hiked a bit into the woods on one of the paths to where they had taken the photos the day before.

As they knew exactly where they had been the previous day, it actually made the search area quite small.

We drew some grid lines in the snow and I started the search.

After a few trash targets and a rusty beer cap, I got the signal we were waiting for after about fifteen minutes.



I dug down a few inches in the snow after pin pointing the area and I could see Dwayne’s ring sitting on edge. I took a quick photo of this and then pulled his ring out where it went straight back onto his finger with a huge smile.



Really happy I could help out today, and I would like to thank you both for the nice reward. It’s greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Watch the search video…..