Tungsten Ring Found...!! Oshawa, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Tuesday January 1, 2013  I had a call from Sarah about her fiance  Joe’s Tungsten ring that was lost at a dog park in Oshawa.

Sarah told me that she and Joe were walking her dogs in a large conservation area containing the dog park and at one point during their walk up a fairly steep hill in a wooded area, Joe had slipped on the snow covered hill and broke his fall with his hands.

After getting back to his feet, Joe started to shake the snow off his hands and the ring was flung off his finger and onto the wooded hill somewhere.

They both looked for the ring for quite some time and as it began to get dark, they packed it in for the night with no luck.

Sarah then found me online and called to see if I could help out.

I was able to make it to the conservation area today, Wednesday January 2, 2013  just after 2:oo pm.

After gathering my gear and getting a few more details, we hiked about five  minutes into the woods where Joe had slipped the previous day.




Once there, I could see where they had been digging around on the hill and decided to just do a quick scan of the area and hope to get lucky finding the ring. After about five minutes I decided that we were going to have to run grid lines up and down the hill just so we could cover every inch of the area.

Joe and Sarah were great in running my lines for me and saved us all a bunch of time.

After grid searching for an hour, Joe and Sarah were moving my lines again for me and as they were doing this I picked a random area on the hill and scanned around a little bit. I then got a really good signal and knew it was Joe’s ring right away.

I brushed aside a little bit of snow and Joe’s ring came into view.




I called out that the ring had been found and Joe and Sarah we’re obviously relieved and excited to see the ring where it was laying.

After getting a few photos, we packed up my gear and walked back towards our cars.

Joe and Sarah are a really nice young couple, and it was a pleasure to help them find the ring.

Thank you both for the nice reward and it was great to meet you.

Take care,

Mark Ellis