Wedding Rings Found.... Toronto, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call late last night , Friday December 28, 2012 from David about his wife Jen’s lost wedding rings.

Earlier in the day on Friday, Jen was playing with their children on the snow covered front lawn, and when Jen and the kids went back inside the house later, she noticed that both of her gold and diamond weddings rings were no longer on her finger.



Jen and David then spent a few hours looking through the snow on the front lawn, and at one point, began to sift the snow with some strainers they had in the house.

After looking for the rings until dark with no luck, David found me through the RIngFinders online.

We agreed to meet early this morning, and I was able to make it to David and Jen’s for 9:30 this morning.

David showed me what had been happening on the front lawn the day before and then I got my gear set up and began the search.

After about ten minutes, I got a really good signal and when I dug down an inch or so in the snow, the main gold and diamond ring was located.





I knew the other ring would be fairly close by.

After searching for another few minutes, the other gold and diamond ring was located a little deeper in the snow about 10 feet away from the first ring by a tree on the front lawn.



I had a feeling that the ring had been tossed that far away when they were sifting the snow and then throwing it towards the tree.After both rings were recovered safe and sound, I took a few pictures of the rings and David and then was invited into the house to meet with Jen.



Jen was obviously very happy and grateful to have her beautiful rings back.

It was a pleasure to help you find your rings, and I’d like to say thank you for the nice reward on a fairly quick search.

Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Take care,

Mark Ellis