Wedding Band Found in Toronto..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I took a call on Christmas Eve from Michelle about her husband Jordan’s lost wedding band that was lost the day before.

Michelle told me they live on a ravine lot, and that Jordan had been standing down on the slope leading down into the ravine at the back of their property.


Jordan had been throwing pieces of wood from the ravine up onto their backyard.

After throwing a particular piece of wood, Jordan felt, and saw his wedding band fly off his finger and onto the slope.

After looking with no luck until it got too dark, they called it a day.

Jordan spent hours looking for his ring on Christmas Eve, again with no luck and that’s when I got the call.

I was able to make it to their home just after noon and followed them onto the slope of the ravine so they could re-create what had happened the day before.

When they had finished telling me the story, I was going to go and get my gear from the car when,  my “crow eyes” kicked in and I just caught a glint of something shiny under a leaf on the hill.

After brushing the leaf aside, I could see a beautiful, large, white gold men’s wedding band sitting up on edge.

I picked up Jordan’s ring and held it up and said “I got it”.



They both looked at me like I was crazy until they saw the ring. We all had a good laugh it was found so quickly and I was on my way.

Sometimes we just get lucky I suppose.

I’m happy I could help you guys out on Christmas Eve.!!

Thank you for the nice reward on a quick find like this.

Take care,

Mark Ellis