Platinum Wedding Band Found..!! Toronto,Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Sunday December 30, 2012, I had a call from James about his platinum wedding band that was lost on a toboggan hill.

He told me that he was with his wife and children at a park in downtown Toronto playing on the hill, and at one point he realized that his wedding band was missing.



I was able to make it down to the park about forty five minutes later where James gave me the rest of the story.

James told me that he had recently lost a bit of weight and that his ring was fitting very loosely.

He had been up and down the sled hill several times with his children and had to occasionally remove his gloves to adjust their clothing for them. James thought that on one of the times he had pulled his gloves off, the ring must have slipped off either on the hill itself or up at the top of the hill getting ready to slide down again.

I then gathered my gear from the car and James kindly helped me run my grid lines to speed up the search process.

After searching for quite some time on the hill and at the top, we took a quick break and then got ready to start moving the grid lines in the opposite direction we had been grid searching.

We laid down the grid lines again and as soon as I started in this new area, I got a really strong signal right away.

After pinpointing the area and moving a little bit of snow out of the way, James’s platinum ring popped into view.



I handed the ring to James and it went straight back on his finger with a big smile.

We got all my gear packed up and  then James left me with a very generous reward.

Thank you so much for the nice reward James. This really helps me to keep my service going and also lets me continue to do what I love to do.

It was a pleasure to meet you today and I’m really happy I was able to help out.

Happy New Year..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis



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