Lost Engagement Ring Found.. !! Toronto, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call this afternoon from Megan about her lost engagement ring.




On Friday November 23, 2012, Megan was cleaning up her front lawn by raking all the leaves and bagging them.

After finishing the lawn, she went inside the house and washed her hands when she realized her engagement ring was missing.


Megan and her husband Brian tried to locate the ring for the last few days by scouring the front lawn and the bags of leaves with no luck. They decided to conduct a quick internet search which led them to me.After speaking with Megan today, Sunday November 25, 2012 I decided to head down to her home in Toronto right away to try and help her recover her ring.Once I arrived at the house, I met with Megan and she took me through what she had been doing on the previous Friday. After showing me the front lawn and the bagged leaves on the front porch, she went back into the house to leave me to my search.



After gearing up, I took a partial bag of leaves off the front porch and scanned it, nothing.

I placed the bag back on the porch and scanned bag number two. Right away I got a nice, solid hit. After dumping the bag onto the front lawn and pinpointing the area, Megan’s beautiful engagement ring poked through some of the leaves and into view. The entire search was maybe one minute at most.


I left the ring exactly where it was and went and rang her doorbell.

Megan answered the door and I said “Ok, I’m going home”.

She looked at me confused and asked why. I told her that her ring had been found already and the look that came over her face was priceless. I love this look.

Megan followed me out to the front lawn so I could show her where her ring was located in the pile of leaves. After seeing her ring in the leaves, I picked it up and handed to her where it went right back onto her finger.

Megan’s husband Brian then arrived at the house and was told the good news.
We talked for a few minutes and I packed up my gear to head home.

I’m really happy I was able to help you out today Megan and want to thank you sincerely for the generous reward on such a fast recovery.

These nice rewards help me keep my service going and doing what I love to do.

Thanks again, and it was a pleasure to meet you and your family.

Take care,

Mark Ellis



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