Lost White Gold Ring Found..!! Bala, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I took a call last week from Tammy about her white gold ring that she had lost in the water up at her cottage in Bala, Ontario.

As Tammy was tying off the family boat to the dock, her ring had slipped off her finger and she watched it fall beneath the waves.


Getting into the water right away in an attempt to recover the ring, they actually spotted it on the bottom and managed to spear the ring briefly with the tip of a fishing rod.As the fishing rod was being brought up out of the water, the ring slipped off and sank down to the bottom again. This time however they could not spot it again and assumed it had already buried itself  in the silt out of view.

Not being able to recover the ring, Tammy found me online at TheRingFinders and called to tell me the story.

She thought the ring was in approximately five feet of water, which is not so good for me as I can only search in water about four feet deep.

I thought I would call my friend Brad Newberry who has helped me out many times before. Brad is also much taller than me, he’s 6’2” so I figured he could probably get into the water deeper than me, and if the ring ended up being deeper than expected, Brad is also a scuba diver. Also, Brad lives fairly close to Moon River, so this was a perfect fit.

I called Brad and passed on Tammy’s info.

Brad made it up to Tammy’s cottage on Saturday September 29, 2012 and got into the water beside the dock and started to search for the ring in scuba gear. He eventually got a nice signal after forty-five minutes and pinpointed the ring in a large crack between two rocks. After zeroing in on the target with his Vibra-Probe, he was able to extract the ring from it’s cozy hiding place and bring it back onto terra firma.

Tammy was obviously relieved and happy to have her ring back.

Really happy Brad was able to help you out Tammy and thank you for the nice reward you gave him.

As always Brad…..Great Job !!! Thanks again..!!

Take care everyone,

Mark Ellis