Lost Gold Wedding Band Found..!! Toronto, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I emailed a gentleman last week about an ad he had placed on Craigslist Toronto concerning his lost wedding band. I offered to help him take a look for it as the ring was apparently lost in Riverdale Park in Toronto.

Well, David got back to me on Sunday October 21,2012 and gave me the rest of the story.

David thought he had lost his wedding band at Riverdale Park on Thanksgiving weekend when he took the family dog, Malcolm there to play.  He also told me that earlier, he had been doing some gardening in the back yard like cutting down tomato plants, raking leaves and putting them into yard waste bags and two large composting bins in the back yard.

After telling me more about the park and saying that he threw the ball to Malcolm with his right hand and not the left hand where he wore the wedding band, I thought it made more sense the ring was in the yard and I wanted to eliminate this area first.

I met David really early this Monday morning so he could show me what he was doing in his yard, then we headed to the park so he could show me where he had played with the dog.  WOW..!!!  Huge area to cover..!! I told David it would take a month to grid search it properly.

David then had to leave for work and left me to my search back at the house.

I was really hoping it was here at the house as the park would have been a nightmare. Lol

I scanned the yard waste bags, nothing.

Scanned some recycle bins with yard waste, nothing.

Grid searched the entire back yard, nothing.
I then began to scan the large composting bins but they were so close to the metal siding on the garage it was driving my detector crazy and the bins were bolted down.I thought I was going to have to empty the bins onto a tarp and search that way, but first I figured I’d try my VibraProbe by sticking it into the compost and see if I’d get lucky first.  Nothing on the first bin except for a few rusty nails.
Then the second one….again, a few rusty nails and a screw came out of the compost, then, finally, a nice solid hit. I pulled the target out from near the bottom of the compost, brushed it off and WOW..!!!  There it was. David’s wedding band.

A beautiful, custom made, two tone,white and yellow gold band. Very unique ring..!!



I texted David with the good news and he seemed amazed that his ring had been found. I then texted him a few pics of his ring as he was now at work.

Really nice to meet you David, and I’m really happy to see you have your ring back..!! It obviously means very much to you, and it was a pleasure to help you find it.

Honestly, thank you so much for the generous reward..!!!

This really helps keep my service going and letting me continue to do what I love to do.

Take care,

Mark Ellis