Gold Wedding Band Found..!! Toronto, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I took a call from Ovi yesterday, Tuesday October 9, 2012 where he told me that he had lost his gold wedding band while doing some work around his home the previous Monday.

We agreed to meet up this morning,Wednesday October 10, 2012 to have a look for his ring.

After arriving at Ovi’s this morning, I could see the grass on his front lawn had not been cut for a while. He told me that since losing his ring a week ago, he was afraid to cut the grass as the lawn mower was likely to clip the ring if it was indeed hiding in there somewhere.

He then took me through what he had been doing the week before, like cleaning the outsides of the windows and doing a bit of yard work at the front of the house.

I then got my gear together and eliminated the grassy area near the street and then moved onto the front lawn.

About three minutes into the search on the front lawn, I got a heavy, solid hit and knew right away that this was his ring. That nice, rounded tone in the headphones is unmistakeable.

After pinpointing the area and spreading the grass, I could see his gold wedding band laying flush with the soil and I removed it from its hiding place.

I turned to Ovi and handed him back his ring. The look on his face was great..!!
Surprise, and relief. I love this look. It never grows old.

Really happy I could help you out today Ovi.
Thank you very much for the nice reward on such a quick search.

Take care,

Mark Ellis