Platinum Wedding Band Found..!! Pickering Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

While I was on a search this morning for a set of lost keys in downtown Toronto, I took a call from Lloyd about his lost platinum wedding band.


Lloyd said that he had finished his Kite Surfing for the afternoon on Monday in Pickering, Ontario and began to brush off all his gear on Westshore Beach before returning to his car.

When he got back to the car he noticed his ring was missing and went back to the sand to look for it for a while with no luck.

After hearing the story I agreed to meet him this afternoon as soon as my other search was done.

I met with Lloyd early this afternoon on Tuesday, September 25, 2012  at Westshore Beach and had him take me through exactly what had happened the day before.

As I was getting my gear set up, Lloyd offered to help me with my grid lines which really sped things up.


I searched one lane in the grid and then started in lane two. Halfway up lane two, I got a strong, heavy signal and was hoping this was his wedding band. After pulling out the pin pointer and locating the target in the soft sand, out pops Lloyd’s ring. Awesome.!!

We had it already, in probably five minutes or less.

I tried to fake Lloyd out a bit before showing him his ring, having a little fun.

I’m still trying to figure out how to have my GoPro camera set up and get the proper angles down, but in another search or two I should have it down a little better.

Thank you Lloyd for the generous reward on such a quick locate.

Happy I could help you out today.

Take care,

Mark Ellis


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  1. Lloyd says:

    Thank you Mark for helping me out. It is quite an emotional releif to have my wedding ring back. Fantastic service! Cheers, Lloyd

  2. Great video… what model, if I may ask, is the GoPro camera. Is it an underwater camera also? Larry Griffith

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