Wedding Ring Found..!!! Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from Dave on Saturday August 11, 2012 where he told me that his sister, Pascale had lost her wedding ring on the beach while playing soccer.

Pascale and her husband Fabrice are here visiting Dave and family as they are on holidays from France.

They had all attended Sandbanks Provincial Park for the day on Saturday, playing on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear water.

Fabrice stands in the grid where ring was found

Pascale had been swimming for a while and got out of the water to join the soccer game. She was convinced her ring was still on her finger as they played on the beach.

Fabrice happy to see Pascale’s ring again

I was able to finally make it down to Sandbanks today along with my dad, Peter.

Pete….”The Grid Man”


He thought it would be fun to come along as he had never been on a search with me.

I picked him up early at his home this morning and we headed out.

We met a few hours later with Dave and Fabrice at Sandbanks.

After giving me the story again, they gave me my parameters

for my grid on the sand which turned out to be a fairly large area.


My dad offered to start making my grid lines for me in the sand while I started searching. This saved me a lot of time…!!

After five minutes into the search on the beach, not a single target.  ????  Nothing. Very strange to have a busy beach like this so clean. Finally, a few targets appeared, a pull tab or two, a stainless steel spoon, and a hair pin.

After about an hour into the search, I finally got a nice, solid signal. After pin pointing the target in the sand, I reached down to grab it and lifted out a beautiful white gold and diamond ring. The ring, they explained earlier is set in some kind of black shell material. This was definitely what we were looking for.

I was very relieved to find this one..!!  It had been sitting on the beach now for four days and was barely even covered with sand.

I’m still stunned that no one had stumbled across it by now.

Anyway, we got it and that’s all that matters.

So glad we were able to find it and Pascale can now return back home to France on Sunday with Fabrice and her beautiful ring.


Thank you very much Fabrice, Pascale and Dave for the generous reward..!!

These nice rewards help me keep my service going.

Thanks Dad for your handy grid work.!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis