Wedding Band Found..!! Sandbanks Provincial Park,Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Rea, a very sweet lady, called me last Friday evening about her husband Neil’s wedding band that was lost in the waters of Lake Ontario at Sandbanks Provincial Park on Wednesday July 25,2012.

Neil and Rea were at the beach for the day with some friends enjoying the beautiful weather we are having here this summer.


After hanging out on the beach for a while, Neil and his buddy got into the water to throw a football around and cool off.
After tossing the football back and forth for a while, Neil went to catch it again but the ball hit his wedding band and knocked it right off of his finger into the thigh deep water.
He actually saw it fall, but as it slipped under the waves, it simply disappeared.
Neil tried to find it for a while, but with the choppy water it is next to impossible.

Both Neil and Rea were very upset as their second anniversary is coming up at the end of August, and the thought of buying a “replacement” didn’t sit well with them.

Rea then got on the internet and googled “Toronto metal detector” and was led to me through TheRingFinders website.
She could not believe a service that we offer existed.

Rea then called me last Friday night with the details and luckily enough, her girlfriend with her at the beach that day had taken a photo of them on the beach with her Blackberry which she sent me. I was able to get the gps coordinates from the photo which would put me at the exact spot on the beach where they were that day.

I made it down to Sandbanks early this morning, Monday July 30,2012 and found the spot on the beach instantly.

I set up my grid lines on the shoreline and started the search. After being in the water for thirty minutes almost waist deep, I got my first target… a silver hoop earring and then nothing else for the next hour, not even a beer cap, nail, …nothing.

Then, suddenly, a strong, heavy signal got my hopes up.
After scooping the target and the water and sand filtered through my scoop, there was Neil’s white gold wedding band laying in the bottom of my scoop. Awesome sight to see..!!!!


After getting back to the car, I texted Rea with the good news, and they said they would meet me at my house tonight to pick up the ring.

Neil and Rea made it out here after dinner tonight and were obviously very relieved to have the ring back.

I was really happy to be able to help them out today, especially because their anniversary is so close.

Very nice to meet you both tonight, and I want to thank you for the extremely generous reward.
It helps me keep my service going and doing what I love to do.

Thanks again..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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