Lost Gold Necklace..Found..! Toronto,Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call late last night from a young man about his lost gold necklace and pendant.

Alex told me that he was going to play some volleyball in the sand, on some courts at “The Docks” in downtown Toronto last night.

He had taken off his necklace and placed it in his short’s pocket as he didn’t want it to get broken while he played volleyball.


After all the games were played, Alex went to put on his necklace but it was no longer in his pocket. He knew it must have fallen out on one or two of the different courts he had played on, possibly while diving for a ball. After searching with the help of others for about an hour, they could not find it and had to leave as the place was closing for the night.

I was able to make it down to “The Docks” first thing this morning where I met with Alex and had him take me through what had gone on the night before and the specific courts he had played on.

After getting all my gear together, I started a grid search in the first court.

A few pieces of lead were found, then a couple of coins and then after about fifteen minutes into the search I got a really nice, strong smooth signal…hopefully from the gold pendant.

I pulled out the pin pointer, located the target and a beautiful, 24 karat gold pendant came out of the sand along with the necklace.

I called Alex over and showed him his necklace. He looked a bit shocked at first. He put out his hand to shake mine and took his necklace back with a huge smile and and warm thank you.

I asked him what the symbols meant on the one side of the pendant where he said it means “Be Safe”.

Well, I’m glad you have your necklace back, Safe,and sound.

Thank you Alex for the generous reward on a relatively fast search.

Take care,

Mark Ellis