Lost Diamond Ring Found..!! Stoney Lake, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Thursday I took a call from a very nice lady, Tianna.

She was pretty upset about her diamond ring that had slipped off her finger in twelve feet of water while swimming off of a dock in Stoney Lake.

Tianna had only had the ring for a month or so and was really hoping we could help her recover it.

As I am not a scuba diver, I called on my diving friends Brad and Ryan.

Brad is Ryan’s father and they always dive together.

Brad and Ryan have helped me out in the past and I was hoping they could help me out again.

On Sunday, July 15, Brad and Ryan were able to make it out to Stoney lake where they met with Tianna and her fiancé.

After getting the details from Tianna, they set up a grid underwater and then began the hunt.

In just an hour and a half, Brad and Ryan found the ring for a very happy Tianna.

It is a beautiful ring with several small diamonds surrounding a large champagne centre diamond.

Great job guys…!!!!  You saved the day again..!!

Thank you Tianna for the generous reward for Brad and Ryan.

Really happy we could help you out.

Take care,

Mark Ellis