Diamond Wedding Ring Found..!! Toronto,Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call early this morning from Dave about his wife Andrea”s lost diamond wedding ring.

Andrea and Dave had been in a small soccer field attached to a school this morning, working out with their personal trainer Connor in downtown Toronto. Before they began to throw a medicine ball around, Andrea took off all three of her wedding rings and gave them to Connor to put in his pocket. After they were done working out, Connor went to hand back the rings to Andrea but there were now only two rings in his pocket. One of the diamond rings had fallen out somewhere on the field.

They searched for a while with no luck and then found TheRingFinders online which led them to me.
I made it downtown about an hour later and had them re-create what had happened earlier.

After hearing the story I began a grid search and was going well beyond the parameters they gave me as I didn’t want to miss anything. After searching for about an hour and a half going east and west, I decided to start the grid again going north and south. Five minutes in, I got the signal we were looking for. After pinpointing the area and parting the grass, I could see Andrea’s ring standing straight up in the grass with just the thin shank showing.

When I was going east to west, the detector passed right over it because of the way it was sitting. When I went north and south, the detector hit the ring head on. I’m glad we found this when we did. We were running out of field and it was crazy hot here today. I think I lost a few pounds on this search. Lol

I’m really happy I could help out today Andrea.
It was great to see the look on your face when I told you the ring had been found.

That look never gets old ..!!! I love it.

Thank you very much for the nice reward. It’s greatly appreciated and helps me keep doing what I love to do.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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