Lost Wedding Band Found..!! Whitby, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Alan called me yesterday about his wedding band that was lost a week ago at a soccer field.

He and his wife Kim borrowed metal detectors from friends and tried to locate the ring last Saturday and spent quite a bit of time at the field with no luck. A quick internet search then led Kim to TheRingFinders and she subsequently found me.

I was able to meet Alan at the soccer field this afternoon, Saturday June 2, 2012.

Once there, Alan said that before he started playing soccer, he removed his wedding band and gave it to Kim to hold. She placed it in her shorts’s pocket and then sat and talked to some friends for a while on the sidelines. She then started to run around the other, empty soccer with their dog that they had brought with them to the game. When Alan pointed out the route she had taken running with the dog, my heart sank a little. The area was huge..!!

I decided to start at the exact point where Alan had first handed Kim the ring and where she would have been seated on a lawn chair.


I set up my gear and started searching where Kim would have been sitting.

After a few swings of the search coil I picked up two, foil cap liners for sports drinks (I hate these),

and then got a really strong, heavy signal. After pinpointing the area and spreading the grass a little, there was Alan’s beautiful two-tone gold wedding band staring back at me.

I told Alan we had his ring and the look that came over his face was awesome..!!

Disbelief, surprise and relief all rolled into one.

Im glad we found this one quickly.! It probably would have taken days to find it if the whole area needed to be searched.

Really happy I could help you out today Alan, even though you didn’t want your photo taken. Lol

Thank you very much for the nice reward.

Take care,

Mark Ellis