"Wedding Band Found...!! " Toronto, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from Sean this evening, Wednesday May 16, 2012, where he told me that he had just lost his wedding band.

Sean was pushing his child on a swing at a Children’s Play Park, and after a pretty strong push of the swing, he felt his stainless steel wedding band fly off his finger and into the fairly deep sand surrounding the area.

He and his wife began to search the sand with their hands for quite some time, and without having any luck, a google search led them to me.

After hearing the story, we agreed to meet in the morning, but the more I thought about it, I didn’t want to let his ring sit in a park overnight so I called him back and  told him I’d rush downtown and help him out so he could go home with his ring tonight.

I arrived at the park about 30 minutes later where I met with Sean and started the search. I could see where they had been clawing and digging in the sand. After scanning that area with no signals, I moved off to another area and immediately got a nice, strong hit. After pinpointing the area, I reached into the sand and my index finger slipped right into Sean’s wedding band.  I handed Sean his ring, and he seemed relieved  we found it so quickly. Two minutes at the most.


I love these quick searches.

Thank you Sean for the very generous reward tonight.

I’m happy you have your ring back on your finger..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis